Cesc Fabregas is impressed by Arsenal’s unbeaten run, stretching to an astounding five months. But the Arsenal captain feels that run wont be much use if Arsenal fail to continue it till the end of the season and not win a trophy. Continuing the unbeated run though could possibly result in a top 3 finish, FA Cup and Champions League winners. This is all one can ask for after a stuttering start to the season. The young Spaniard said:

“It’s quite good what we have done but it is not enough. We want to go all the way.

“We have said to ourselves we do not want to lose another game before the end of the season and that’s what we will try to do.

“Of course, we cannot say for definite that will happen. But that’s the aim, for sure. That has been our intention.

“We have done it during the past few weeks. We just need to keep it going for a few weeks more.

“It is a good 10 days we have coming up now.

“We will play three very important matches for the players and the club that will decide our season and where we can go.

“I’m very confident that if we keep going and playing like we are doing, we can do well.

“We have been playing quite well throughout the whole season, yet for some reason some people decided to go a little bit against us. Some people tried to create a little bit of a bad atmosphere.

“We can answer them by winning things and that’s what we are aiming to do over the remainder of the season. That’s why these next few days are key for us.

“We have Villarreal in the Champions League, then Chelsea, an amazing team, in the FA Cup semi-final. We still have a big say in the season.”

No doubt the coming week will decide the outcome of our season. A win against Villareal and through to the semis of Champions League. A win over Chelsea and through to the final of the FA Cup. Defeat in both would mean Arsenal’s chances for any trophy effectively over. Such is the importance of this week.

Arsenal have the momentum on their side. 5 months unbeaten is quite an achievement. They should be able to win against Villareal. Villareal have played 7 times against English teams, 6 of them have resulted in draws and the remaining was a 1-0 defeat to Arsenal. And Arsenal haven’t conceded at home in the competition yet. The odds are against Villareal.

As for Chelsea, that tie is too hard to predict. Both teams are in hot form. It will be at Wembley so neither will have the home advantage. The winner will be one that is better on that very day. Lets hope it’s Arsenal.

Then next Tuesday against Liverpool. A win would mean Arsenal’s chances of ending up in the top 3 increase. A defeat might throw Arsenal back into the battle for 4th place.

To sum it up this week will play a major role in the final outcome of our season.