Victory Again!
We knew that this afternoon we will have to fight with a physically well-prepared team. They played a very disciplined game, to finish quickly go back to try to shut us free zone.

It seemed that they wanted to play only on …
Mido today brought a lot of problems. They regularly supplied him with long balls. As a result, the onslaught ended with the fact that they managed to score from a corner. Been earned. After that, the game did not change. Perhaps the outcome of the first half could have been different. If fortune favoured Wigan Athletic, we could have lost in the first half 0-3. We had a serious problem. Perhaps the game would have been made, but this football thing, that when the best players leave the field, sometimes the events unfold at 180 degrees. Today, after replacing Mido has been the case. He went away, and we immediately leveled by. When the scoreline remained the same, Arsene threw in the fight. Some of the leaders of our team: on came Adebayor and Van Persie. They, of course, increased the onset. We have stuff. Account has been 1-2. Since then we had a lot of free space, but for this team, we are very good. We are a class team, we have the best players, we are technically great, so their points of use, and they are – no. Everything is simple: we are Arsenal, but they are Wigan…. Although, they could decide the outcome of the meeting in the first half.

Yes, in the first half you did not meet the expectations of fans. Maybe going to the game, you were sure that the game will end with a triumphant score?
No, in England that does not happen. In the Premier League you cannot relax before the game, and on 96 minutes. In the English championship there are a lot of goals in the last minute. Therefore, these thoughts before the game we just were not in my mind. Wigan Athletic did not let us play the very first minutes of the match, stopping us on every inch of the field, sometimes acting quicker than us. It seemed to me that this team is physical and looked very decent. However, we and our coach knew that once they get tired, we can take advantage of it.

So, the first goal. You hooked the ball over, they saw a partner…
Yes, I noticed. I think that wasn’t bad.

Soon, you played brilliantly in the pause, poking the ball between the legs of one of the players
Cesc was well opened. I had only to give him the ball.

You read the game and scored the next goal! Tell me you were not ever in a pub with the man who gave you that pass?
No, but, in principle, for such a transfer, I am ready to bring it to the pub;) Because he gave me to pass, even better than Cesc:)

After a goal is scored, Fabregas, Adebayor, and other players are trying to jump on your back. Is it heavy burden?
They have not yet manged to do it! When they are able to do so, we will talk about it:) And today we have made the result.

You missed a game in the Champions League. Fans expecting to see a fresh, rested AA.
I understand that should help the team this season in games only on the island, because other players have given all the forces in the League. Therefore, I try to play as good as possible for this reason including…

Andrew, how to get home?

In London, we arrived. During the flight I watched with interest as the guys had a typewriting race on Bluetooth!

Who is the fastest?
On two flights Wolcott managed to overtake Cesc, Bendtner, Nasri and others.

What else are pleased with today Andrei Arshavin?
Yesterday it came from Julia. She chose a home which we will soon move to. I think that this will be an additional impetus for my adaptation to England.