Arshavin enjoying at Arsenal...

Arshavin enjoying at Arsenal...

Arsenal’s January signing Andrei Arshavin is loving it at Arsenal. He has hardly been here for 2 months and he is already feeling at home and says he wants to remain at Arsenal throughout his career.

“At Arsenal I feel at home.  I like everything here – the friendly team, a wise and experienced manager, and fantastic fans. I won’t leave the club for any money.

“That we are fourth in the Premier League is an achievement of the whole of the team – not my own. I hope my real successes with Arsenal are still to come.”

What a guy Arshavin is! An instant hit and with his wise comments he is surely a fan favourite. From wanting to play all the time even with a bruised foot with plenty of stitches to commiting to the club saying he wont leave for any money speaks for itself. May he have a career full of trophies at Arsenal!

And the fact that he is enjoying so much already shows the high team spirit. Arsenal is like a tightly-bound family and Arshavin is its new member.

Arshavin is better than the greedy Hleb, Flamini and Diarra, not only has he a better personality and character but he is a much better player too.