Wenger confident of his team's chances this season

Arsene Wenger feels somehow out of the blue, you never know Arsenal might end up winning the title. Mathematically their chances are very very bleak, but a very minute possibility still exists.

“I still have hope because I am a bit crazy

“Realistically, we will not win the league, but it doesn’t matter what our chances are – we have to give everything to go as close as possible to the top teams.

“Manchester United still have the quality to finish it off, but they had a big disappointment in losing to Liverpool and it can be difficult to recover.”

One has to admit, with the hot form Liverpool are in at the moment only Arsenal seem like the team who can beat them right now. But then again Wenger is just saying he wants Arsenal to win all of their remaining games and see where they end up. If other teams falter badly then who knows Arsenal might end up at least 2nd if not win the league. Looking at the way Arsenal are performing at the moment, there is no harm in such wild thinking.

Ljunberg fears Wenger could leave Arsenal

Ljunberg has gone crazy!

Wenger may have been crazy with his extremely high hopes but former Gunner Freddie Ljunberg is crazier! He feels Wenger might leave Arsenal for somewhere where he is given more money to spend and he can win more trophies! Unbelievable! It is Wenger’s own strategy to invest in youth and hence the low level of spending. Its not like he has not been given money to spend.

And besides with the talent he has at his disposal at Arsenal I don’t think he would be mad enough to waste it by leaving it under someone else. Freddie said:

“If he gets a great opportunity somewhere where they spend more money and win things, maybe that’s a possibility. At the same time he likes to bring up new players and he has been at Arsenal a long time.

“I know he is a winner; he always wants to win – just as much as the players. He gets as angry as the players when we lose.

“When they are not winning, or they are fourth or fifth, I know he is not happy about not winning.

“Maybe it’s harder. If you look at the money they are spending, they are not spending as much as before.

“Maybe it puts more pressure on him [Wenger]; maybe he can’t get exactly what he wants all the time; maybe he could a bit more in the past.”

Maybe Ljunberg is not in his senses! I see no reason why Wenger would leave the club at this stage. We are very close to winning two trophies and the squad looks better than ever. Without many injuries at a time we have one of the best squads in Europe. Wenger would not let all the talent go down the drain. He loves Arsenal and the players.