van Persie believes this will be 'the' year for Arsenal

van Persie believes this will be 'the' year for Arsenal

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Robin van Persie has always been a very ambitious person, setting high hopes and just because this season has so far been a bad one hasn’t changed the Dutchman’s view at all.

“My ambitions are very, very high and I think they are realistic. I want to be at a level where, as a club, we are winning things, not just every four or five years but one or two trophies each year. That’s what I think this club has in its pocket. Some people might think my view is extreme but that is what I want and I want to do it here. I am not a guy who gives up. Otherwise I wouldn’t be here. Playing for a Champions League place is not enough. It is not my target but it is a target we have to take. It will mean the world to me if we fight again to win the title. It’s not happening now but we can do it if we give absolutely everything. We want to build something special for next year but let’s not forget this year can be special, too. From my heart, I still believe we can win the Champions League.”

Regarding his future the star striker said:

“I have a contract until 2011 and it is hard to say anything about extending that now. But put it this way, I have a friend who says the grass always looks greener in your neighbour’s garden — and he is right.”

I perfectly agree with him. Arsenal can win the Champions League and we all know it. With the injured players coming back Arsenal are a very dangerous side and fully capable of winning the FA Cup at least if not the Champions League. I see them winning a trophy this year. Regarding his future, he hasn’t given a clear statement. I have a bad feeling he will leave if we don’t win a trophy this year. Lets not hope so though.

Adebayor unsure about his future

Adebayor unsure about his future

Moving to our other main striker’s future now! Emmanuel Adebayor who nearly left Arsenal last summer has not ruled out a move away from the Emirates this summer saying:

“I find myself well here, even if, as I say in life, you can never know what will happen in the future.”

I wouldn’t mind him leaving. We have forwards much better than him in Eduardo and van Persie. Vela will soon be a better player than him too. If he want to go then get lost!