Wenger and Fabregas

Wenger and Fabregas

Arsene Wenger is confident Arsenal’s midfield maestro Cesc Fabregas will stay at the club much longer than expected.
Fabregas had earlier said he will consider moving from the club whenever Wenger leaves but Wenger is overly confident of a long stay at Arsenal for the current captain. The Arsenal manager said:

“I hope his future will last longer than mine because I think he can still be here in ten years. Cesc should be one of the bases of this club. I think the club should be built around personalities like Cesc and that is why I hope he will still be here. He is 22 years old in 2009 and at 32, he will still play.”

And regarding his own future at the club, he insists he is fully committed to Arsenal:

“I have never allowed anyone to question my commitment to this club, in the good and in the bad times, that has not changed in my mind. They (City] have a very good manager in Mark Hughes. He is doing a good job. They have to keep confidence in him. On my side, I am contracted until 2011 and until 2011 I do not envisage to go anywhere else.”

I have always expected Wenger to stay at Arsenal till at least his contract runs out. He will, I am sure, not leave before 2011. After 2011 it will be down to whether he feels he can continue with the same passion he had a few years back or not. But before 2011, I don’t see him moving anywhere.



Meanwhile Wenger was excited about the impending return of Theo Walcott. The Frechman said:

“He can be very good for us. It’s very important to see how he will respond with his shoulder and I think he looks to be nearly there. To have him back is great. The difference between training and competition is different. He is very fit but after that you have to get used to tackles and go into the challenges. You have to use your arms and shoulders to resist.”

Good to hear he is nearly there. I sure can’t wait to see him back! We all have missed him a lot. Hope he makes an Eduardo-like return (except for the hamstring injury he suffered soon after !)!

Moving from Arsenal’s main players to Manchester United’s main player, Wenger said:

“Sometimes I feel Manchester United get too much protection and sometimes they don’t get enough and Ronaldo is a specific example of that. Sometimes his arrogance is provocative – and his class as well. But when a player is not protected it’s not right. When there is a bad tackle you have to be punished and get sent off the pitch.”