Aston Villa have given all Gooners some great news! Slumping to defeat against a Manchester City without Robinho and Bellamy. Shaun Wright Phillips, our very own legend Ian Wright’s son, proved to be of immense help to Arsenal’s attempt to make it to the Champions League next season as he won the penalty for the first goal and scored the second to thrash Villa 2-0. The gap is now down to just 3 points which can easily be leapfrogged by a team of Arsenal’s quality with 10 games remaining. Looks like Villa have run out of the luck which had helped them to overtake Arsenal and quite a lot of us Gooners expected it to happen. We could see them getting goals from deflected shots, own goals, penalties and winning by small margins and according to a poll conducted on this site 31% of us think we will finish 4th because Aston Villa are only getting lucky wins and soon their luck will run out. Lets hope these recent results for them aren’t exceptions in their run and that the poor run continues!


Fabregas and Wenger will leave Arsenal together!

Moving from good news to bad news now! Fabregas has warned he might well follow Arsene Wenger out of the club whenever the Arsenal manager leaves Arsenal. The young Spaniard said:

“I have heard the rumours about Wenger leaving for the past three years. If Wenger left the club then of course I would consider my own future and whether I would leave the club. I am happy at Arsenal because it’s the ideal club and believe that we and Barcelona play the best football in Europe. But Wenger is a main part of that.”

Actually this doesn’t come as a surprise to me. We all know he is at the club because of Wenger. Wenger has been able to convince him time and again to stay and we all know how much Fabregas loves him and considers him a father figure. I, honestly speaking, expected Fabregas to move on if Wenger leaves whenever that happens and I hope it doesn’t happen anytime in the next few years! Just one of them leaving would be enough of a big blow for Arsenal let alone both of them leaving. I can’t even imagine it! But the thing is at the moment both of them love Arsenal and Wenger isn’t going to leave anytime soon unless he is sacked, though I don’t expect it to happen.