Former Arsenal captain Frank McLintock is furious at Arsene Wenger. McLintock is one of the greatest players of Arsenal and led the Gunners to a Double during his stint as captain. The former Gunner said:

“90% of Arsenal fans can all see that Arsenal need players in certain areas, but yet Wenger can’t see it. This is the worst Arsenal side in the 12 years under Wenger”.

Ok we need players in certain areas but its not like we are owned by billionaires so we can strengther everyarea. We needed more spark and creativity in our attack and Wenger bought Arshavin, but yet McLintock can’t see it. Arsenal are defending well and their only problem lately has been the lack of goals due to injuries to their main attacking players so they needed an attacking player more badly than a defender, but yet McLintock can’t see it. And McLintock had also said a year or so back that Walcott is a waste of space and look at what the youngster has become. So why doesn’t he sit back and let Wenger do his job that only he can do best.