Yet another frustrating goal-less draw. What has gotten into Arsenal. They’ve had 3 straight 0-0 draws for the first time in more than 10 years. Just a proof how bad this season has been.arsenalvsunderlandpremierleagueovttp-ljmymlMany would say at least the unbeaten run continues but it’s a meaningless unbeaten run. 7 draws in the 12 matches unbeaten. If they had lost 4 matches during this time, they would have dropped lesser points than they have now so to hell with the unbeaten run. We want a winning run, not a long run of draws.

The match started well for Arsenal. Arshavin straight away into the action with a right footed shot just drifting to the wrong side of the post. Then van Persie chipped over the keeper but just missed the target. It was a chance, considering the quality of van Persie, that should have been taken. Then there were a couple of dangerous headers, one from Gallas that was cleared off the line and one by Bendtner that was just saved by Fulop. The best save of the match was Arshavin’s powerful left footed shot saved by Fulop. It was a self made chance by Arshavin and the shot was brilliant. It showed that once he returns to full fitness, he will be quite a dangerous player. Arsenal had a frustrating half and ended it in frustration too as Toure’s half volley saved brilliantly by Fulop yet again.

The second half was much worse. Sunderland came out with the intention to defend and defend they did. Hardly a single clear cut chance for Arsenal. Actually there was one, which was surprisingly wasted by Vela. The youngster had the best chance of the match but he was under pressure to perform and impress Wenger and eventually he let the fans and the team down with the disappointing miss. Then again another bad miss by him and to end the bad day van Persie’s effort easily saved by Fulop.

The only positives from the match can be Arshavin looks like quite a prospect. Almunia made some brilliant saves and hence yet another clean sheet for Arsenal. And well, at least we got one point! Thats about it. Almunia was our man of the match in my view. The only Arsenal player who played well throughout the match.

Once again one could see a lot of sideways passing. Crossing was really poor mostly with just one target to aim at. The number of crosses that were being sent in was quite annoying. Bendtner was the only one who carried the aerial threat inside the box and there were always at least 3 defenders inside the box so to expect a goal was being over optimistic, especially as the quality of crosses was mostly poor excluding a couple of Arshavin’s and Vela’s.

Such performances will not get Arsenal anywhere. No need to expect any trophies if this is how the team will perform. And that would mean van Persie will be off. He has said it he will sign the contract if Arsenal shares his ambition of winning trophies. But at the moment the way the team is playing… No trophy looks in sight. My hopes of qualifying for the Champions League are fading away. I still hope so but its getting more and more difficulty with these draws week in and week out. Lets hope though that Arsenal keep on performing well in the FA Cup.