Emmanuel Adebayor has not been among the fan favorites this year as he has not lived up to the standards he set last season by scoring 30 goals. This season he does have 12 goals which is not bad (but, as I have mentioned in an earlier post, it has been one on ones, tap ins, headers and penalties) but the simple simple chances he has missed this season is just intolerable. His body language has been poor, playing as if he doesn’t care, dropping to the flank too often and slowing down the game and his movement off the ball is very poor.

But Adebayor, he doesn’t care if he doesn’t score as he just wants trophies (as if trophies will come without goals!)

“I know having scored 30 goals in a season that people will always be waiting for more this season but the most important thing is to keep on going and to progress. I have 12 already but to score another 18 now would not be easy. But I don’t care if I stop on 12 goals if we win something with the club. To win trophies is more important than scoring goals but if we are to win trophies will need to score some goals. This club needs trophies and that’s what we are fighting for.

“I am getting assists now too and getting closer to being a complete footballer. I can score with my left, score with my right and score with my head too, which is good for a striker. But at the end of the season people don’t see how we are enjoying ourselves, they see what trophies we have in our hands.”

(When did he score with his left foot? In training sometime I guess!) It was quite funny hearing him say he is ‘getting quite closer to being a complete footballer’ *laughs*! He may not care about not getting goals but the fans care about it. If he is in the first team, he is there to get goals. He is a striker and a striker’s main job is to get goals not assists. Ok it’s good he is getting assists but that is not his primary objective.  So if he wants to stay at Arsenal he has got to put his scoring boots back on (and for that matter help Arsenal to win a trophy) otherwise majority of the Gooners want him out already and that view wont change. Wish he had been sold last summer for the crazy money that was being offered for him. He will never fetch that much amount all his life again and if he is sold in the summer, it wont be for even half the money that was offered last year. But still best of luck to him in returning from injury and getting back to scoring ways! I may not like him at the moment but he is a Gunner and as Gooners we should all want and hope for what is best for the player.

Talking a bit positive now… It’s good to see him so desperate for trophies. He may have a poor ‘I dont give a damn’ attitude on the ground lately but I guess in reality he does give a damn (though it could be just to get the fans back on his side)! I hope the hunger for trophies helps to get the best out of him and of course finallllyy help Arsenal to win a trophy!