Go Eduardo!

Go Eduardo!

Arsenal and Croation forward Eduardo da Silva is very positive about his comeback to Arsenal. The Croat has just made his return for Croatia, and got the assist for the winning goal but an Arsenal comeback is still a few matches away as Arsene Wenger thinks he needs a few more games for the reserves before playing for the first team.

Eduardo had fractured his ankle last year and the Croat wants to forget about it. He said:

“I don’t even remember it – and I don’t want to either. I have not seen any footage of the incident, and I don’t want to. At this stage, for me I am focused on the future. The past is the past and I am looking ahead.

“Taylor sent an e-mail to someone at the club wishing me well (ahead of my return for the reserves], and I am thankful for him doing that.”

Eduardo wants his team-mates not to be hesistant when going into tackles against him during training as that wont help him get back to form:

“No-one is really going in for hard challenges, but at the same time it is important they did not make it any easier for me and I think they achieved that. They found a balance between not being too hard and also not being too soft on me. The more tackles I get, the less hesitant I feel, so in that way I am really feeling a lot better than before.”

But his Arsenal return may be a bit while away:

“I have spoken to the manager and he says I need a few more games with the reserves, so there is still a little way to go. It is just a matter of getting games now, getting fit and getting back into the squad.”

After an encouraging performance against Romania for Croatia, Eduardo was delighted:

“What can I say. I am overjoyed that I came back. I am glad that the fans and journalists could see that I had no fear. Before the game I felt a little fear, excitement in the stomach, but I think that was good. I think this will certainly help me when I play for Arsenal. I am extremely happy that the coach gave me the chance to play. There is a lot of competition in the attack now. Petric and Olic are in great shape and this can only be good.”

Its a very good sign. I thought he played quite well but defenders looked a bit hesitant when going into tackles against him. This performance must have boosted his morale dramatically and I, like Eduardo himself, can’t wait for his return. Hope he is handed a substitute appearance on Monday.
But fans are expecting too much of him and they shouldn’t. He is coming back after more than a year so he will take some time to get back to good form. And besides even before he got injured, he had not fully adapted to the Premier League.

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