Adebayor this season:
With Fabregas – 10 goals
Without Fabregas – 2 goals

Adebayor - Could his injury be a blessing in disguise for Arsenal?

Adebayor - Could his injury be a blessing in disguise for Arsenal?

That says it all. For Adebayor to score you have to send him one on one with the keeper so he can finish it and at Arsenal only Fabregas can do the job. Even then the number of chances that Adebayor misses far outweighs the number of goals that he scores. If there was a statistic for number of misses, Ade would be at the top of the list I am sure! Adebayor scores (1) one on ones, (2) tap ins and (3) headers. To be a world class striker you have to do much better than that. We have van Persie and he is a complete forward but Adebayor is just not good enough. He would be better off at a mid-table or relegation threatened club than at a club that fights for trophies.

This season we have seen him hit straight at the keeper on one on ones and cushion the ball to the keeper from free headers six seven yards away from goal. And lately he moves to the flank, receives a pass, slows down the attack by holding the ball and eventually gives it back to the player he got the pass from (This way he has ended a lot of our counter attacks by giving players time to get back). What the hell is this?! Is this our first team striker?! Hard to believe. He has become more of a liability this season than an asset. The 30 goals he got last season will be a once in a lifetime achievement for him if he continues this way.

The 30 goals he scored shows he has the potential. Remember the stunning volleys he scored last season? Awesome. But where has that talent gone this season. If he continues this way then I would be happy if he is shown the door in the summer. He will then only be a one season wonder.

Now that he is out for 3 weeks, it might be a blessing in disguise. Give Bendtner and Vela a few starts. Eduardo is back. And why not try Arshavin to play alongside van Persie. Arsenal have a chance to find their way back to form now. They need to do it quick (otherwise say goodbye to Champions League).

Details of Goals Scored by Adebayor:

With Fabregas:
Blackburn – 3 (header + penalty)
FC Porto – 2 (header + penalty)
Fenerbahce – 1 (one on one, through ball provided by Fabregas)
West Ham – 1
Tottenham – 1 (tap in)
Wigan (one on one, assisted by Fabregas)
Middlesbrough (header from a Fabregas corner)

Without Fabregas:
FC Twente – 1 (one on one)
Hull City – 1 (header)