by Zain Shahid


Arshavin - Ready to run to Arsenal!:P

Sky Sports have claimed that Arsenal have secured a work permit for Andrei Arshavin with the Russian star almost inevitable to join Arsenal. However, Arsene Wenger has entirely denied the news, saying that not only have they not secured the work permit but that they haven’t even applied for it yet.

“We have not applied for a work permit yet for anybody. Not for Arshavin and not for anybody else.”

But that does in any way mean the deal is down, Negotiations still continue and Wenger remains confident. But Zenit and Arshavin will have to accept stubborn Wenger’s terms for the transfer to take place. The Arsenal manager stated:

“Close does not have a lot of meaning. It doesn’t matter how close you are, what matters is that you agree. At the moment we have no agreement with Zenit about a transfer. We are always confident, we try our best and respect our budget and if we can find an agreement we do it. We will not overspend what we have planned to do. When you go for a player it is because you want him. That is part of the decision. After that part of the negotiation is finding an agreement. “

No new news there.

Wenger - Not too pleased...

Wenger - Not too pleased...

And its not only us Gooners who are sick of January tranfer window, Wenger is also sick of it! The Frenchman has always been vocal of his criticism of the timing of the January and has previously suggested that either the transfer window be open all year or just in summer. Having a transfer window makes no sense and all it does is unsettle players. Arsene has once again come out, possibly getting sick of the Arshavin saga now, and lashed out at the pointless transfer window:

“I do not like the January window. It seems to be more about players who might come in other than the ones you already have. It is not a great help. Some players are cup tied and cannot play certain competitions. If a player moves to another Premier League club, then why should he not be cup-tied in the Premier League [like he would be in Europe]? The logic [with the transfer window] is not right. It should be cut completely or be able to run freely throughout the season.”

Wenger is one of a host of managers who are against the January transfer window which is why the FA might also discuss the topic and make a decision on it.