by Zain Shahid

Arshavin - Getting greedy now...

Arshavin - Getting greedy now...

Zenit St. Petersburg have finally accepted Arsenal’s offer, though it is less than their asking price. One would think the deal is all but done now considering Arshavin himself wanted to come to Arsenal and repeatedly showed his disgust at Zenit’s high pricing of him. Yet just when it seemed its nearing an end, another crisis shows up. Now its Arshavin’s turn to frustrate and annoy all us Gooners. Zenit claim they have told Arshavin they are now ready to sell him to Arsenal, but the Russian’s wage demands are too high; high enough not to be accepted by Arsene Wenger at least. Zenit general director Maxim Mitrofanov frowned:

“I worry the deal might not be done. I hope he can find a compromise but he wants too much money from Arsenal. I’ve told him we are ready but it is his decision. Is it his dream or is it just a question of money?”

So Arshavin has a big choice to make now as Mitrofanov says. He surely wants to leave Zenit, and I don’t think there is enough time now left in the transfer window for another club to come in and hijack the move. So either he will stay at Zenit and probably leave for another club, not Arsenal, in the summer or he will make a compromise and choose to move to Arsenal now. There is no third option for him at the moment it seems. He’d better make the choice soon.

Meanwhile Wenger insists there will be no excpetion to the club’s strict wage structure. The Frenchman sternly said:

“The players who come in here are all on our wage structure or they do not come in. It’s as simple as that. Nobody will come in above the highest level we have here.”

Now that is a strong statement for Arshavin! Wenger mentions here that nobody will come in above the highest level that we have here which is Fabregas who according to my information earns 90k. So if Arshavin agrees to this sum or even 85k, I think that should put him nearly on par with what he was earning at Zenit. He just needs to settle for round about the same what he was earning there rather than expect a huge pay rise.

The chances of the deal being completed are no doubt decreasing every passing day, but still there remains a ‘slight’ chance!