by Zain Shahid



Hours after an official statement made by Zenit claimed that a deal had nearly been agreed upon by the two clubs regarding the transfer of Andrei Arshavin, Wenger denies their claim.

Arsene Wenger known to be very silent on transfer matters, and does not accept much till the deal is 100% done has outrightly denied the news saying:

“[That is] not true. In this job ‘far’ doesn’t mean a lot. I believe that we are not close to concluding any transfer, Arshavin or anybody else. I don’t know [if it will happen] frankly. Time is getting short and at the moment I am more focused to win the game tomorrow. We know we are in front of a big game and the most important thing is to focus on that. I am only responsible for the statements we make and I cannot be responsible for the statements that other clubs make. Zenit look to have different voices coming out of the club and I’m not sure if it always the official voice. I believe what I see and what I hear directly.”

So we experience ecstasy and anguish in the same day! This is getting more and more annoying day by day. One one hand we are told the deal is almost done and on the other we are told that its nowhere near to be concluded as yet. This is is really frustrating I am sure for all Gooners. I think now we should not pay much heed to any such statements made by either side and rather wait for an official statement from whenever, and if, the deal is done. Otherwise life goes on, whether he comes or not does not make too big a difference. What makes a difference is our attitude towards him not coming. If we say ok he is not coming and now we are doomed and we are not going to win anything and stuff like that then expect another trophyless season. But if we are optimistic and say it doesn’t matter if he is coming or not then just wait and see and the trophy will come! The fans attitude shapes the seasons of  all teams.The point is we are playing well without him right now and so there is no reason why we can’t continue this way. Especially when Fabregas and Walcott wil return, it will be like two huge signings much better than Arshavin. So I would advise, get over Arshavin now! It doesn’t seem like he is coming.