by Zain Shahid

Arshavin - His Future Lies With Arsenal! Maybe!

Arshavin - His Future Lies With Arsenal! Maybe!

Ok, we have been seening such headlines for quite some time now but this time it seems more true than before! Even though the so-called deadline given by Zenit to Arsenal to accept their pricing of the player has crossed but the clubs finally seem to have reached an agreement as negotiations continued. Zenit released an official statement regarding the deal, hinting that a transfer fee has been agreed. The statement read:

“The fundamental understanding over the transfer of the player is achieved between the clubs. At the moment the basic obstacle in realisation of the transaction is Andrei Arshavin’s personal requirements.”

The fact that the transfer has nearly been agreed upon by Zenit is nearly enough to suggest that Arshavin might be a Gunner very soon considering the Russian himself has expressed his desire to join Arsenal. Hence his personal requirements should not be too big a hurdle. The club may have made this statement but Arshavin has not been imformed about it it seems as the forward waits for the decision made by his club of his future. Arshavin told Sport Express:

“I’m waiting for a final decision. The talks don’t depend on me. I haven’t been in touch with the club management, so I haven’t heard a clear ‘yes’ or ‘no’ yet.”

Never mind this. He will certainly be informed of a ‘YES!’ very soon so that he can ask for his terms for the contract.

Well, after the previous statement by Zenit, this news comes as a pleasant surprise! I was dumbfounded! All I can say is yayyyy!:D