by Zain Shahid

Arshavin - Wont be a Gunner now it seems

Arshavin - Wont be a Gunner now it seems

Zenit St. Petersburg’s stubborn officials will now be hated by Gooners all over the world! Arsenal have constantly been negotiating with them over Arshavin but their sky-high demands are too artificial to be accepted by Arsenal. Wenger is not stupid. He will never pay an amount for a player which the player is not worth. Arsenal have a good squad and if Zenit are not going to lower their stupid demands then so be it. Zenit’s general director, Maksim Mitrofanov, told Sport Express:

“If Arsenal don’t accept our terms, then Arshavin will not be sold to them. In any case this will be resolved by Saturday evening. Arshavin may still end up in England. Several other clubs are interested in him, who haven’t yet issued an official approach, but who are ready to do so.”

I hate these people. Even though there is still a *tiny* chance of signing him, but lets be realistic, it is not going to happen now. Arshavin was needed badly I thought but now that he is not going to come, lets move on. We still have a decent squad and when Fabregas and Walcott will return it will be a much more than just decent squad. And also with a few days still remaining till the February 2nd deadline, Arsene should turn his attentions to some other quality player now, preferably in the mould of Arshavin. The fact that he is not coming, after all the signs that he will eventually end up at Arsenal, seems like a player has left Arsenal even though he was never here! That’s why I like transfer negotiations and all to be done quietly without any media coverage.

As for these ignorant freaks of Zenit, if they expect other clubs to pay their overly high price for Arshavin, then they are the most stupid persons in the world! I guess they don’t live in this world which is going through an economic recession so they expect clubs to slash out stupid cash. The guy wants to come to a club and they are treating him like a slave by not allowing him to go there. The EU should sue them! I hope Arshavin buys out his contract which will be worse for Zenit than accepting Arsenal’s offer for him! According to FIFA’s Article 17 footballers can break their contract once a ‘protected period’ has expired. For those younger than 28 when they signed their contract, they must be three years into their deal. The player must pay a compensation fee to the club. So if Arshavin happens to use it, Zenit will get a much lesser amount of money than they would had they accepted Arsenal’s bid! Lets hope it happens!

To be honest I would want Wenger to pay the one or two extra million that they are asking for because it would be so hard to get over the fact that he will not join Arsenal! Especially because I don’t expect him to buy another player now. 😦 Can someone pass me the tissue paper please? 😥