by Zain Shahid

Eboue - To Remain at Arsenal
Eboue – To Remain at Arsenal

According to Emmanuel Eboue’s agent Franjo Vranjkovic Arsenal recieved an official offer from Athletico Madrid, which was turned down. Vranjkovic said:

“We received a few days ago an official request from Atletico Madrid
which was passed to Arsenal. I have the fax from the British club’s director, Ken Friar, who
wrote to me to say they are not interested in the offer and the player
remains in London. Then I received a call from Arsene Wenger, who invited me to go to
England to start negotiations over a renewal, so I see no possibility
that the player will leave Arsenal.”

So Eboue will stay, not just for now, but as Vranjkovic says Wenger is keen to extend his contract, so for a few more years! Duh! Hopefully he will improve in this time so Gooners wouldn’t want him out. What surprises me is that a club like Athletico Madrid has bid for him!