by Zain Shahid

Arshavin - Praying for Arsenal Move!

Arshavin - Praying for Arsenal Move!

Andrei Arshavin’s is desperate to join Arsenal. Zenit have resigned to selling the Russian star but their high demands are frustating not only Arsenal, Dennis Lachter, Gooners, but Arshavin himself too! Arshavin seemingly likes Arsenal and wants the move to go through but is not at all pleased with Zenit’s ‘artificial’ demands.

“I see Arsenal as my team of the future. Everything now depends on Zenit. If they want to sell me, they can do it very quickly. My hopes now rest with God. Apart from Him, nobody can help me. Zenit have to think realistically. I believe Arsenal’s offer is much closer to my real value in the transfer market at the moment. ‘It is obvious that in these times of [financial] crisis, no one will offer such a big amount.”

Seems like Arshavin is more intellegent than Zenit’s officials! Zenit should know no one is going to give them what they are asking for in these times. It’s quite obvious and I hate their stubborn attitude of sticking with their demands. Sooner or later they will have to settle for around £12m to £15m so why not do it now rather than needlessly waste time. One can see the pain in Arshavin’s words! Man he really wants to come to Arsenal badly! Wow! As for misleading comments made by Dennis Lachter time and time again, they are not to be entirely trusted as according to Zenit’s officials he is not a part of the negotations that are taking place between the two clubs. And now that Arshavin wants to leave, this saga reminds me of Hleb! He too wanted to leave, Arsenal did not want to lose him. But eventually he ended up where he wanted to go. Hopefull the same will happen for Arshavin!.

Talking of Hleb, the Barca man is quite optimistic about Arshavin’s tranfer to Arsenal. He said:

“Wenger always shows that he believes in his players. It gives the players great energy and helps in any situation. I am sure that if Andrei joins Arsenal, it will work out well. There, he would be an even bigger star. He needs to train well and be himself. Arshavin is a top-class footballer and I think he would fit into Arsenal’s plans. However, it would be important for him to learn English.”

Seems like Hleb follows Arsenal! And why would he not, he hardly plays for Barce! Poor lad! But its nice to see him talking well of Arsenal. I completely agree with him.