by Zain Shahid

Arsenal - Surprisingly Rich!

Arsenal - Surprisingly Rich!

According to Forbes Magazine Arsenal are among the top 10 most valuable sports clubs in the world. The list only features three European Clubs with Manchester United at the top, Real Madrid at 6th, followed by Arsenal at 7th. The list is made by taking into account the clubs revenues for the year like television revenue, sponsorship deals, merchandise sales etc. According to the magazine Arsenal earned $329m last year.

  1. Man Utd (EPL): $1.8bn
  2. Dallas Cowboys (NFL): $1.6bn
  3. Washington Redskins (NFL): $1.5bn
  4. New England Patriots (NFL): $1.32bn
  5. New York Yankees (MLB): $1.3bn
  6. Real Madrid (La Liga): $1.29bn
  7. Arsenal (EPL): $1.2bn
  8. New York Giants (NFL): $1.18bn
  9. New York Jets (NFL): $1.17bn
  10. Houston Texans (NFL): $1.17bn

So this explains why Peter Hill-Wood repeatedly claims Arsene Wenger has been given the money to spend. Despite that we have not seen Arsene break the bank much. Ok Arsenal is in debt, but that doesn’t mean that all that they earn is paid to cover the debt. They save quite a lot of money I am sure. But probably the set back of having a guy with a degree in economics is, he saves way too much and spends too less! But I guess it will be really beneficial for us in the long run.