by Zain Shahid

In my last post I suggested that Arsenal need to strengthen their central defence but as it is shaping up that may be left till the summer as Arsene Wenger said he is not looking to add to his defence.

Even though one can include a defensive midfielder in the defence, which Arsene will not strengthen this month, but still I feel it is something that Arsenal need desperately. We only have Song who can play in that role and so far we have not seen him perform as well as Gooners would want from a first team player. We need a player like Viera who holds the defence perfectly well and allows attack-minded players to go further forward with confidence. Song has been playing a lot there this season and in my opinion has not done well and the same goes for Denilson. Denilson is a poor man’s Fabregas. The guy tries very hard but it seems he just doesn’t have that much quality in him. He is more of a player of Fabregas’s mould so you can’t expect him to do a great job holding the midfield. He lacks the strength for it. That’s as far as the list goes for the players who we have seen play as our defensive midfielder this season. A lot of Gooners though feel Diaby should be played there. He seems to be nice and strong in his tackles but unless he is played there and he shows how good he is at that position, I really can’t comment on him. So to summarise, a quality defensive midfielder is needed. If Arshavin does join Arsenal then a fully fit Arsenal squad will result in Arshavin, Fabregas, Nasri and Rosicky in the midfield. These guys are all very attacking so, in my opinion, it can’t work this way. The back four need a bit more protection. You can’t play Fabregas as the holding midfielder as that will be just a waste of his talent to stop him from doing what he does best. A defensive midfielder in the mould of Viera is exactly the solution to this little problem.

But again Arsene Wenger said:

“However at the moment, we are not looking to buy on the defensive side of our game.”

So probably no chance of a defensive midfielder to be added to the squad in January at least.