by Zain Shahid

Arshavin - comments!

Arshavin - comments!

Andrei Arshavin is in the news once again. The speculation linking him with Arsenal is just not ending but lets hope its like Hleb’s case! This time around Zenit’s manager Dick Advocaat has gone on record saying:

“I am aware that Arsenal are interested but I don’t know any more than that. However, I am expecting Arshavin to leave Zenit for another club. He is a top player and he could play for any of the top teams in England. He was voted player of the year by the sportswriters last season – and they know everything! Arshavin played well for us last season but he didn’t play as well as he can. There is still more to come from him and people will see that.”

Also as Arshavin was in London with reports suggesting he had a visit to Arsenal’s training ground, his agent was not present there and he was doing his dirty old job back home. He said:

“For now, there are not any negotiations going on, but I believe in the near future he will be on the move and that next week will bring some news. I am sure that any club would be interested in the services of a quality player like Andrei, but it all depends on the money Zenit are asking for. However, I do not believe that they can get the money they want – the pound is going down and there is all this difficult financial situation which does not help.”

This situation is getting more and more complicated day by day. Especially this mischievous Dennis Lachter just can’t shut his mouth. One day he makes a statement and the other a completely contradictory statement from his previous one. But money certainly remains a major factor. As this endless transfer saga is dragging on and on I am starting to fear Arsene Wenger might in the end not be willing to spend the £20m after all. I, honestly speaking, am losing hope now.

Eboue - Claims interest from Inter

Eboue - Claims interest from Inter

Lets turn attention to some good news now!:P Emmanuel Eboue has claimed Inter Milan are interested in him. Well, lets hope its true and that they are seriously interested in him and Eboue decides to leave! The Arsenal right winger said:

“I have been linked with Inter before, but at the moment I am happy at Arsenal. I am fighting to reach the level I was at in 2006. I have been the victim of many injuries and that is why I have not been consistent enough. But I will fight and prove my worth to the fans. I am happy at the club. Inter are a great club as well, but I don’t know what will happen. Let’s wait and see.”

I like the lets wait and see part! But it would be being over-optimistic to even expect Inter to buy Eboue unless they are looking to improve their Reserves side!

And sorry guys I haven’t been posting for some days. I wasn’t well and still am not but I got a request to write some new posts so I have attempted to do it here!

well zain get well soon and god bless u.
if eboue goes to inter i will be very happy.

Get better soon mate, And i dont want Eboue to leave cause hes a great backup defence and midfield. Arshavin will hopefully come

Hey sorry, THanks for posting tho! good posts

he is a better back up right back thn a right winger i think. i just dont like him playin in the first team. hope he goes!

nd LAgooner u dun need to b sorry man!

wenger has said no one will be sold so probably eboue wont leave:(

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