Toure - Unhappy at Arsenal

Toure - Unhappy at Arsenal

by Zain Shahid

The latest reports suggest Kolo Toure has asked for a transfer. These reports are true! Arsenal Chairman Peter Hill-Wood though immediately reacted to the news saying Kolo Toure will not be sold. He said “I know about it (the request) but we are not going to accept it. We are not looking to let any of our players go and he is under contract – and we expect him to honour it. They seem to get unhappy rather quickly for odd reasons.”

This is quite an interesting news. At first there were reports saying Arsene Wenger is trying to keep William Gallas at all costs who said to Wenger that he doesn’t like playing with Toure so maybe somehow the news got to Toure who did not like it and immediately asked for a transfer. I don’t blame him because who would want to play at a club where he is unwanted. Another thing that interests me on this one is that its the Arsenal chairman who has come out to reject his request publicly not the manager. Aren’t such matters to be handled by the manager?! Maybe Arsene Wenger too wants Toure out but the chairman doesn’t want so?! I have no idea what’s going on behind the scenes! Maybe its not like this, rather it could be just that the Chairman himself did the honours to let it known to Kolo how important and wanted he is at Arsenal. It could be either of these two scenarios! But the point is Toure wants to leave. It reveals the dressing room environment, players want to leave. Not a good sign I guess.

I hope he stays. He and Gallas are our main defenders. I mean Silvestre and Djourou are just not good enough to take his place. Silvestre hardly ever played for Manchester United in the last few years, yet after coming to Arsenal he has become such a regular but I just don’t think he is good enough for Arsenal. Toure is much better and I want him to stay. He is a fan favourite so if he leaves the fans wont be happy one bit. Lets hope the intervention by the Arsenal Chairman is enough to keep Kolo at the club for the season at least.