by Zain Shahid

Arsene Wenger has once again insisted that Arsenal are on the right track and with just a ‘slight’ improvement they can go on and win big this season.  “I’m convinced that we are on the right track. We are not missing 10 per cent, we are missing one or two per cent. We can get that one or two per cent easily and then we can dominate the league”, he said “I’m disappointed that the team is not getting the praise or the respect it deserves at the moment, but we have to keep going.” He continued “We will keep going with this spirit and we will turn people around. Getting that final per cent or two is down to being a bit more relaxed and composed when the situation calls for it. My hopes and aims for 2009 are to support this team. I believe strongly in this team and if they get the support I think they will be rewarded in 2009 because they deserve it.” He then said “They have talent and I’m sure they will be rewarded.”

Wenger - He will never lose hope...

Wenger - He will never lose hope...

I think Wenger should be awarded the most over-optimistic person award for 2008! They are not doing well, just admit it… I don’t see just one or two percent missing. There’s quite a difference between them and the other top teams right now. Talent is not the only thing necessary for winning and I have no idea why Wenger doesn’t understand that. Experience is very vital. Arsenal’s inconsistency this season has been more or less due to lack of experience. Now with Fabregas out for 4 months there isn’t much to be optimistic about for the Arsenal fans.

But then Arsene knows best! Hope he is right!