by Zain Shahid

Jubiliant Arsenal! And why not?!

Jubiliant Arsenal! And why not?!

I would like to share my view of the match against Pompey. I though it wasnt a bad performance considering the poor performances we have seen this season! Ok they passed the ball but got nowhere, ok they hardly had any shots on goal by the end of the match, but they still got the three points and that’s what matters! This has been the trademark of Liverpool so far this season that they have managed to win games even on their bad days so hopefully Arsenal can do the same now too.

Apart from this there were other positives too from the game. For the first time in a long long time i thought Bendtner played wll! I guess he can play better as a winger than a forward! Even though i thought he needed to cross a bit more. The defence really didn’t have much to do and the clean sheet was very welcome! Arsenal certainly need a lot of them! I thought the game came to life with the introduction ov Vela and later Ramsey. Vela was really energetic and impressive from the start. And I personally was once again very impressed by Ramsey’s performance. His performances are getting more and more mature day by day. Arsene Wenger certainly needs to play these two more often. Diaby also played well but only in the 1st half, in the 2nd half he completely disappeared. Nasri was once again really good and i have always thought that he is much butter as an attacking midfielder than as a left winger and I think his performance today certainly showed that!

There werent much negatives in the game except for the one i already mentioned. Denilson I thought was far from his best in the match because all he did was pass the ball to they player next to him without making any attempt in the whole match to try and create an attack.

Hopefully this will be the beginning of a string of victories for arsenal which can get them back into the title race! I would love to have your comments on this performance…

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